Are you in the market for a new job? The good news is, there are many, many opportunities out there for people in certain fields looking for work. And, also good news: There are some benefits you can get that will help you save more for retirement! Forget the breakroom snacks and ping-pong tables: These benefits can help boost your retirement savings plan.

So, what benefits should job seekers be on the lookout for when seeking new employment? Anything that can boost your retirement savings plan, to be sure.

But what benefits can boost your retirement savings plan? We’re glad you asked. Here are some thoughts. Read on:

Professional development or educational reimbursement

While it can be difficult to quantify this one, if you take advantage of your company’s professional development or educational reimbursement opportunities, that extra training could mean a bigger salary down the road – which means you can save more!

It also means you might be able to get an additional degree or certifications on the company’s dime – saving you the high cost of education or the burden of student loans.

Retirement Savings Plan

This one might seem obvious: Work for a company with solid 401(k) or similar matching plans. We all know that if you start saving early, you’ll be able to save more, right? But if you take advantage of a generous matching plan by your employer you can save EVEN more!

We wouldn’t advise working for a company that doesn’t offer a retirement savings plan.


And just like we don’t advise working for a company that doesn’t offer a retirement savings plan, we generally don’t advise working for one that doesn’t offer insurance (health, life or disability) to its employees.

Buying these plans on the open market can cost you – big time! And not having them can cost you even more. Take the job that offers you these benefits because it’ll save you money in the cost of premiums and likely, in the long-term as you age, have children or possibly become disabled.

Life happens. You might be healthy and young now, but things happen and you don’t want to be dipping into savings – or going bankrupt paying medical bills.

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